I picked my family and my brain

As Thanksgiving (a.k.a The Day Before Black Friday) approaches I’ve been reflecting on things I’m grateful for in life.

The Husband. Of course. Saying it sort of cheapens it. You know? But he’s the sensitive type so his feelings would be hurt if I didn’t (ha!). He’s just that sort of man. And he gets me slushies and tater tots late at night. That’s my kind of husband.

Bosco. He’s creative. He’s thoughtful. He apologizes when he wakes me up from my naps. He has a meltdown over misplaced cheese. That’s my kind of son.

Bubba. He’s sneaky. He likes to eat spiders. Real ones. He will not, however, eat anything else, unless it contains graham crackers. He’s a little lump of softness in a tough rough world. That is also my kind of son.

The rest of my family. They are a tapestry of what the crazy. They can sit and stare at each other and then laugh for no apparent reason. They can also make you do a double-take. That’s my kind of family.

I’m also grateful that I have a brain that allows me to discern for myself things that are less than.

Like the McRib. My brain says stay far far away. It resembles “food” the school cafeteria served in elementary school. And my brain knows food served in schools in the 80s probably just might be the cause of the hair on my chin.

Like any show starring Charlie Sheen. Two Losers and Half a Boy Who Will Need Therapy Later or something akin to that. My brain asks why is this crap able to exist amongst us humans? But my brain already knows the answer. Global warming.

Like the nationwide switch to digital TV. My brain says conspiracy.

Like soggy cereal. Brain says it should be outlawed.

Like Black Friday. My brain sees cold shivering people with bad attitudes and a death wish. And my brain knows full well that staying in a warm cozy bed is a far superior decision because traversing mass hysteria at 4 A.M. is for suckers, and my brain is not a sucker. It is also not an owner of an HDTV, Wii, Xbox, ipod or other some such things. My brain is deprived.

And that’s my kind of brain. Like I said, one I’m grateful to have.

Happy Day of Thanks!

What are you grateful for?


Kristina P. said...

What is all the hullabaloo about the McRib anyway?

The redhead said...

Exactly. And why does it keep coming back. I never knew it went away. So why bother returning?

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