Goodbye October (a.k.a The Month of Sickness)

Want to know what I was this weekend? Sicky, that’s what. That makes two rounds of colds in one month. Or maybe it’s just the same cold that lingered away for a few days but then decided to come back and kick me and my family in the butt, ninja style. I gotta give props to a good ninja cold though. They really know how leave a person wallowing in self-pity and snot.

Luckily the mucus didn’t hit the fan until Saturday. That meant the Husband and I were still in a semi good mood for our frightful date on Friday night. We went and saw a production of Dracula. It was in an old building that once upon a time was used by the state mental hospital. That alone sent shivers up me spine. Because you know, hospitals of any kind are a little creepy. It should also be noted that this structure resembles a castle where horrible things may or may not have happened. 

And upon walking up the steps to enter said creepy building, there was someone playing the violin up in the watch tower.  'Bout peed my pants right there. I really wanted to get some pictures (of the castle, not me 'bout peeing) but of course my camera’s batteries died, as did the extra pair I had. Dumb batteries. I mean seriously. Batteries are so stupid. Anyway. This is the only picture I snapped and it’s not even a good one.
Just the silhouette of the Husband (before he got his hair tamed). Okay well there is another picture where the flash actually went off but methinks the Husband would kill me if I posted such an up-the-nostril shot.

Then to top off the whole weekend, the rest of the family got sicky. Bosco cried numerous times throughout the night because he couldn’t breath through his nose, even though we tried to assure him that breathing through his mouth would accomplish the same necessary breaths to stay alive. This of course was not acceptable to him because he is a thumb sucker. And being a thumb sucker, he has to use his mouth to suck his thumb, not breathe. Oy vey.

So when trick or treat time came around we were all in a pretty miserable state, not to mention that it was the first Halloween in my remembrance that it was pouring rain, horizontal rain at that. That’s when I decided to call off trick-or-treating, but the non-hasty side of me, the side that exists in around eight percent of my being, kept saying, Patience Iago. Patience. And sure enough, there was a brief respite where Bosco the Giraffe and Bubba the Garden Gnome Baby went around and collected candy for me to pilfer later that night.
On a proud motherly note, can I just say one would be hard pressed to find anything cuter and more endearing than my children in their costumes, with tired glazed-over eyes, far-off expressions, and crusty noses.

And now if you’ll excuse me I have to go dab my runny nose like a lady. Ha.


Kristina P. said...

Haha, that picture is hilarious. They look like crack fiends, after their next hit.

The redhead said...

I know! Isn't it all just too adorable to bear?

heathbar said...

I think the only comment I have is to thank you for the fabulous weekend. Excuse me while I go blow my dripping nose.

The redhead said...

Oh heathbar. It's the least I could give you in exchange for that fabulous gray ring you left around my bathtub. I really hope that was from the Luigi makeup.

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