A revival of sorts

I’m sort of getting into the Halloween spirit (is that what you would call it? spirit?) more than usual this year. Maybe it’s because I have a darker outlook on life? I mean have you ever tried dark chocolate?

Maybe it’s because I’m loving the fact that I can just ignore the cobwebs in my entry way that require a ladder to get. Yeah those. I can just leave those be and voila! I’ve decorated for Halloween, just by being lazy and short.

Maybe it’s because I decided my one year old should be a garden gnome this year. Best decision the Husband and I have ever agreed upon. The minute I put the trousers and hat on Bubba I couldn’t stop giggling out loud. And when that became awkward, I giggled on the inside for the rest of the day with the occasional escape of a guffaw.

Maybe it’s because Bosco the Giraffe decided to attack Bubba the Garden Gnome Baby, even though that little garden gnome baby has just recently learned to walk, and his gnomey brown pants were constricting adequate movement of his gnomey legs.
Oh the hilarity of people who take advantage of unstable walkers. (Okay fine. The giraffe was actually trying to keep the gnome from falling down. But that's not funny. It's cute).

Maybe it’s because for a few days out of the year a widow's peak is actually in style. You best trust I inherited a nice one. And let’s not forget my vampiric whiteness. No dress-up required.

But most assuredly it is not because my pumpkins have snow caps. That is just too ghoulish, even for Halloween to handle.

Have a great weekend my little gobliny goobery goopsie poopsies.

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