Friday Confessions: An update and a doozy

I have an important update to make regarding a previous secret I divulged. However as I debrief you, I will also in turn unavoidably reveal yet another skeleton in the cupboard. So be it.

I’m so proud to announce that the horror that once was my recipe collection has now been tamed, even beautified.

In a binder! With tabs! Categorized! With page protection!
My heart is all a flutter just thinking about the organized state of it all. Seriously. I’m having heart palpitations . . . and hunger pains. And I really want to go cook something just so I can find the necessary recipe in perhaps twenty seconds as opposed to ten minutes. And there will be no wailing or gnashing of teeth. It will be as calm and serene as a summer’s morn. The way it should be.

But you see I could not bring myself to buy one of those top of the line pre-made recipe binders that have everything and anything a perfectionist could ever want or even hope for, plus a bag of chips. No I just couldn’t do it. I’d rather spend the money on something more selfish, like jewelry. Nor could I just go out and buy a plain binder that lacked personality. So I was in a quandary.

And this in when that ugly thing lurking inside of me became the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. This person only comes out to play every once in awhile, but when she/he does it is chaos. Pure and udder (I like that I just misspelled that word. I’ll leave it like that) pandemonium, of the crafty variety. That’s right. I became a crafting fool. I put the three years I worked in a scrapbooking store (oh yes I did!) to good use. My well thought out plans included scrapbook paper, cardstock, stickers, and Modge Podge. Lots of Modge Podge. How did one craft before Modge Podge? I simply do not know.

But as my explosions of craftiness tend to go, things did not go according to plan. I had to improvise. I hate improvising. It’s stressful and requires quick thoughtful decision making, of which I am not talented in doing.

This is why I hate when Mr. or Mrs. Hyde comes out of their lair. Because as a perfectionist, trying to hand make something myself only leads to me feeling less than superior. I pick and pick and pick and before the day in done, I’ve successfully created something I will always find fault with. Sad really.
But you know, I think I’m really turning a new leaf here. I know it’s not perfect, and it’s not exactly what I was going for, but I saved a ton of money and I’ve got a new necklace (okay maybe three or four) arriving in the mail shortly. Not to mention my recipes are no longer living in sin with the mixing bowls.

If any of you have questions or concerns about the fact that I worked at a scrapbooking store for over three years, I would be happy to continue the discussion with you and provide further clarification. I ask that you email me though in private, it being a sensitive topic and all.


Kristina P. said...

I don't scrapbook OR have a Costco membership. How have I not been excommunicated yet?!?!

Sherri said...

I loved you before I knew about the whole scrapbooking store thing. Now I am just in awe, because I have absolutely NO scrapbook skills.

And I love that your recipies are no longer living in sin.

Sara Louise said...

I'm jealous of your recipe binder and your mod podge skills. I suddenly feel very inadequate.

The redhead said...

Kristina-Oh I don't scrapbook anymore...burned out on that a long time ago. And what is a Costco?

Sherri-I didn't even know what scrapbooking really was when I got hired. It still amazes me that they gave me a job.

Sara Louise-Oh my last intent with this blog is to make any one feel inadequate. In fact, I strive to make you feel totally adequate. If only you could have seen the disaster that was my living room while I did this project.

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