Please pardon me for my absence. The past few days have been rather . . . interesting, and my mind went to some other realm. The realm of seriousness. I'm still there somewhat, milling around in the world of unfunny. I usually avoid going there if at all possible because I hate the scenery, but this time it was unavoidable. Needless to say I am in dire need of a laugh, and this did the trick.

Insomnia allows me to uncover gems like this. I have included two videos for your viewing pleasure just in case you also need a laugh. Two men. Two speeches. Almost identical in delivery and outcome. However one is for real; the other is a skit. Which is which? Oh you guys are smart. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

Oh man. I just can't stop watching these dudes. I need help.

Oh and hello new followers! So nice to meet you and peruse your blogs. I plan on posting again soon, when my brain comes back to say hello.


Kristina P. said...

Crap. We don't have Adobe Reader at work, so I can't see them. :(

The redhead said...

Well crap indeed. I didn't know you needed that to view the videos...but I also don't know how to change it so I am all sorts of bummed out for you. Cuz the videos are classic.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The second one isn't available to people outside the US, but I doubt it could match the eloquence and pathos of the first one. The speaker has all the qualities required of an Imam in a Shiite Mosque.

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