You should be dancin', yeah

I wasn’t going to blog today because I’m a lazy blob and because I didn’t particularly feel like trying to be funny. Come on! I can’t always be in the mood, no matter how much you want me to be. Truer words have ne'er been spoken.

Never fear though. Something totally hilarious/depressing ended up occurring today that went along so well with the post I did yesterday about my aging body, I couldn’t not post about it. It's kismet really.

So practically everyday I dance around the house with my boys like a complete lunatic. Music is a necessity round these parts. It offers exercise, bonding, coordination skills, instrument and tone awareness, and passage of time. Hence we do it everyday because I’m a good mother and such.

Anyway, Bosco thought it would be fun to do an impression of the way everyone was dancing. So we did The Bubba and nodded our heads to the beat while flinging our arms from side to side. Then we did The Bosco and ran around like a headless chicken while sticking our tongues out. Then it was time to do The Mommy. Interested in how Bosco would interpret my dance skills, I sat back and watched. This is what he did.

He bent down and grabbed his ankle and said, “Oh my gosh. Ow. Ouch. Oh my gosh. Ooooo.” Then he hopped around on one leg while still bent over clutching his ankle.

I must give him credit. I did do this. He was very observant and his reenactment was spot on. But it’s a pity that my son is confusing my aging and klutz-like tendencies with dancing. Pity indeed.


Rainee said...

lol that's funny. :) Funny how kids watch you like a sponge!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Haha, that's great! I admire a boy who can mock his mother.

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