Have you ever been so tired you became untired?

I’m drained. I don’t even think I have enough energy to make this post witty. The horror! I probably shouldn’t even try to be funny while I’m in this tired state because it will just come off as really bad jokes . . . like puns. The horror! I guess some people like puns. The Husband does. He attempts them on a regular basis. The horror!

But enough about that. Turns out we may actually be able to contract Bubba’s ailment after all. He now has a rash which probably means his ear infection is more the viral variety. His little body is covered in little pink dots, and his eyes are oh so sad. Hence it makes me sad. Whenever my children get sick I start to think I’m not cut out for this whole motherhood thing. Will I ever develop those nerves of steel I keep hearing people rave on and on about?

Anyway, I’m spent. The piggy bank is empty. I spent all my savings on various sundry items like folding laundry, cuddling a sick baby multiple times throughout the night, chasing after a hyper toddler, diffusing possible tantrum scenarios, making dinners, cleaning rooms, straightening my hair, worrying about Bubba’s pitiful state, crying my eyes out at that video going around Facebook where soldiers surprise their families. Word to the wise: do not eat curry noodles while crying your eyes out. You will feel fantastically sick afterwards. Now that I think about it, don’t do anything while crying your eyes out. Don’t believe me, ask the dishes.

But since I aim to lighten not frighten, I think it’s time for one of those bright side moments.

Bright side: At least my job doesn’t (for the most part) involve sniffing pits. I’ll leave that to these stoic ladies.

PS. You may have noticed a new lovely button on my top left sidebar for TopMommyBlogs. You can click it and vote for me once a day. Can you believe it? A chance to say you heart me once a day!

Also I just heard, from a very reliable source, that the amount of followers you have on a blog is directly linked to your value as a human being whilst on this planet. 37 is pretty respectable for sure. Imagine how the people who have thousands of followers feel? They must be as the gods.  How about something more realistic like my aforementioned goal of 50. It would be as though you all were fanning me whilst feeding me grapes. I love grapes!

End of self-promotion.


Sherri said...

Sniffing pits ranks right up there with changing diapers and wiping snot-nose...wait a minute, I've DONE a few of these jobs!

Hang in there....your readers heart you.

Kristina P. said...

It's true. Your entire self worth is based on readers and followers.

The redhead said...

Thank you Sherri. You are sweet. And for some reason sniffing pits seems so much more heinous than getting baby poo on my hands. Call me crazy.

Kristina-Hey, aren't you one of those gods?

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