My weekend: An ailment and a laxative. One of my best titles yet.

I’m going to make this weekend review short and sweet because, let’s be honest, I’m feeling a little couch potato-ish at the moment, and also because my toenails are feeling severely neglected-ish and need a little one-on-one time.

So a couple things that have become solidified in my mind this weekend:

Let it be known that I most likely have an incurable ailment. I can’t really think of a pithy, intellectual word for: someone who buys shoes when they don’t necessarily need them, but this someone buys them anyway because they fit, and because they could be of use at some point, and because they were on sale, and because they actually spoke to this someone and said that if this someone didn’t buy them then this someone was going to regret it forEVER, as in eternity. Maybe you can send some suggestions my way of what you would call that particular sickness. But whatever you call it, I’ve got it.

Yes, I bought another pair of shoes and I dare not share a picture because they look quite similar to all the other sandals I’ve bought this summer but these are quite the hippie-nature walking sandal. And I could hike in these sandals if I so choose. I probably won’t choose, but I could. That is the whole point. I could be that person if I wanted to because I have the necessary shoes now to make that personal transition.

And now I may have to retract all the posts I’ve done about not being able to find shoes that fit me since it seems apparent that the shoe gods have bestowed upon me a brief respite in that chapter of my life. It will return though I’m sure . . . when I search for shoes that are less forgiving than sandals, like pretty much any other type of shoe.

Also let it be known (in case you weren’t already aware) that watermelon is nature’s laxative, along with all the other wonderful fresh summer fruit. For better or worse.

What did you become convinced of this weekend? Does it have anything to do with laxatives?


Kristina P. said...

PLease let me know if you find a cure for that illness. I have it too. I hope it doesn't involve an enema.

Sherri said...

OK, that had to have been one of the most unusual post titles ever!

I have no idea what this condition is that you have been afflicted with, but it may be cured by wearing the cute shoes. Or with watermelon.

The redhead said...

Kristina yo-Apparently Sherri has found a cure for our ailment. No enema necessary. Just lots of watermelon intake.

And Sherri, sorry for the unusal nature of my title. Did it get your attention though?

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