Ridiculous things I've witnessed recently

*Bosco talking to his new companion, a temporary tattoo of Super Why on his bicep. For example, today I heard him say, “Shhh, mommy. Super Why is still sleeping.” “I haven’t gone poop on the potty yet, but Super Why has. See? Come look mommy.” “Do you want some of my sandwich Super Why?” “Look, I can make your legs disappear Super Why!”
*A commercial for Huggies Denim Diapers. Because what parent doesn’t want their baby to poop in something that looks like jeans?

*A milkshake I put in the freezer to finish later, and it’s still sitting in there. I don’t know how I could have neglected to pay attention to that.

*The Husband serenading me with Paula Abdul, just so he could get a cheap laugh out of me. So cheap. Straight up.

*Bosco in his church attire, wearing a brown belt, and black shoes. We were obviously running late, and he was obviously having an “I don’t like these shoes” meltdown.

*The price of airplane tickets.

*The state of my laundry hamper, and kitchen sink, and bathroom sinks, toilets and floors, and carpets. Oh and closets. And of course my brain.

*The price of my dream camera.

*The length of my sons’ and husband’s eyelashes. Simply not right.

*Bosco has tan lines, and I don’t. Ok maybe they are dirt lines.

*Bosco walking around like Steve Erkel or Pee Wee Herman because he scuffed up his knees and apparently “It hurts to walk!”

*The Husband’s running shorts.

*My white legs in a pair of shorts.

*The fact that I’m freezing right now, and a few days ago I was actually sweating real sweat from just thinking. Thank you new air conditioner.

*The puddle of pee I just cleaned up off the couch. I won’t tell you whose.

*And this . . .
That’s right. He’s standing folks. That means he’s one step closer to leaving our home, going to college, traveling to the moon and back, getting married, and making me a grandma. That is truly ridiculous.

Have you seen anything ridiculous lately?


Sherri said...

OK, Denim Diapers?? Too funny....maybe Depends should get on that bandwagon, seems like the adult crowd would care more what their absorbent undies looked like!

The most ridiculous thing I have seen this week (granted, it's only Tuesday) was the woman in the grocery store pushing her probably 11 year old child in the grocery cart. No obvious signs of injury or disability, just seemed to be a whiney kid with a pushover mom! A kid that size takes up the WHOLE CART, too!

I am sure more ridiculous things will present themselves, but I love your list!

Aubry Macbean said...

AS I was putting dishes in the dish washer Ethan pulled himself up onto the door and layed there pounding on it and laughing.

The redhead said...

chick-Where did the push-over mommy put her groceries? That is ridiculous.

Aubry-Kids can be maniacs sometimes. I can see why he was laughing though. Dishwasher doors are simply hilarious :)

KLZ said...

I fear standing. And walking. And climbing.

Two of those now happen in our house. Terrifying I tell you.

Good luck with the standing.

Merideth said...

I love this post! I hope you won't mind that it has inspired me to make my own list of ridiculous things. I'll add that to my to do list...which, naturally, is ridiculous. When I get it up, I'll be sure to credit you for the idea, of course!

The redhead said...

Why thank you Merideth :) And yes to-do lists are always ridiculous aren't they?

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