Portraits of Yesteryear: Entry 1

Today I was going through photographs and reminiscing upon olden times. Ahhh, portraits of yesteryear, you do indeed make me a sentimental ball of mush. Whether it be snapshots of Bosco fresh from the womb, pictures of Bubba from only a week ago, the Husband and I looking all fine and fancy on our wedding day, or the nostalgic photos of me and my kin posing on the beach with pieces of driftwood. How I love them all, love them enough to share with you all. Behold I give unto you a new series entitled Portraits of Yesteryear.

This first entry dates back a mere two years. Shall I set the scene?

The Husband had a desire to plant something in the earth and to watch it sprout. Then he wanted to be able to receive sustenance from said sprouts. He decided upon rows and rows of corn. Given our luck with everything that requires photosynthesis to thrive, I refused to take part in yet another flora failure. I agreed to take over watering duty on only the direst of circumstances.

Imagine my surprise when the blasted little seeds did sprout, and actually thrived. I often found the Husband walking, nay running, amongst his rows of flourishing corn . . . many a time while clutching a hoe. My very own frolicking Kevin Costner.
And when the corn grew taller and fuller, I began to wonder if ghosts dressed in odd baseball attire would emerge from the rustling leaves.
Alas they never did. But the thought still vexed me enough that I vowed never to go near the corn past dusk.

And now I suppose you are thinking Mother Nature had finally seen fit to let us in her good graces. The cursed absence of green thumb had been lifted! But oh how I hate to wrench your hopeful little hearts in twain. For a horrible tempest of the windiest kind struck our town and blew over half of the Husband’s blessed crop, right before it was time to harvest. I think it still pains him to think of it even now. But this portrait of yesteryear will always bring a smile. Yes?

What about you dear reader? Do you have any photographs that simply need to be shared? If so I implore you to post them on your blog, and inform me about it so I can peruse post haste.

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The Pizza Family said...

Haha! That picture of the hubs running through the field is hilarous. Reminds me of Children of the Corn... though I dont know that I've actually ever seen that movie, just heard of it. Creepy!

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