My weekend in pictures (and a few words)

It was wonderfully nice this weekend so we went to the park, had a picnic, and played ball. Bosco got bored playing with me when he saw a bunch of teenage boys kicking their own soccer ball around. He informed me that he was going to go play with them instead. I told him they were big boys and that they might kick it a little too hard for him. Then he informed me that he was big too, and he would kick it totally hard. Then he yelled over to the teenagers in his little boy voice, “Hey guys. Can I play ball with you?!” They didn’t hear him. But I heard him loud and clear. He’s trying to leave the nest. Ugh, mommy chest pains indeed.

See. I even got to wear my new flips. Satisfaction indeed. I don’t even care that I hurt my toe kicking the ball. Being sockless is so worth it.

Bosco named one “little pokey fat one” and the other “carrot.”

While Bosco and the Husband played on the monkey bars, I took some pics of me and the Bubster. After I snapped this one, I heard a guy, who was playing ultimate Frisbee right next to us, say in a very sarcastic tone, “Awww. Look. That’s so cute.” Then he tapped his buddy on the elbow so he could look at the cuteness too. I felt like saying, “Hey chump. I was here hours before you and didn’t give you dirty looks when you almost hit me with your flying disk of awesomeness.” Then as they continued to gawk at me for an uncomfortable amount of time I felt like asking, “Is this really the first time you’ve ever seen a hot redhead with a baby?” That was of course the only explanation for their staring. That or my near glowing (sparkling) skin.

Later that night, I helped the husband sort his coin collection/piggie bank. He wanted to cash in all the coins that were post-1990 and keep the ones that were pre-1990. Don’t ask me why. I whined, and then I started sorting. And then I washed my hands . . . multiple times. Coins are sick.

A visit to a lovely spot finished off the weekend.

But not before snapping an I accidentally sat in water and got my rear end wet shot (Yeah, my butt is there. You just have to look for it). Again I have to wonder, why are people always staring at me?


Rainee said...

Lol I always enjoyed your sense of humor and sarcasms there.

The redhead said...

Thank you Radka and Rainee. :)

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