LOST: It's what's for dinner

Once upon a time, the Husband told me that giving DVDs/movies as a gift was a last resort option, given out of desperation and procrastination. Let it be known that I’ve received DVDs from him for the past three Christmases. Movies like Lawrence of Arabia (which he insists was a gag gift, only after I opened it and said something like, “What the heck?”), Gone With the Wind, Fiddler on the Roof . . . all movies of merit I must say, but generally not something I would pick out for myself. And this past Christmas he gave me the first season of LOST.
Now to give the Husband credit, I have told him that I like this show. He was using great recall when he made that purchase. But again, not necessarily something I would seek out and buy. I have watched LOST sporadically, but didn’t really have the time to devote to a show that required diligent following. If you miss one episode you are indeed lost. From the time LOST began to now, I got married and had two children. I obviously had other priorities, not to mention that during the first few years of our marriage we couldn’t even get ABC to come in on our humble television set. But I was able to get more into it last year, and just tried to ignore the fact that, for the most part, I had no idea what was going on.

I decided to put the Husband’s gift to good use. We watched all of Season One, and eventually got all the other seasons off Craigslist, cuz we’re cheap like that.
We spent almost two months in an intense LOST immersion program, watching one, sometimes two or three episodes a day. Our goal was to be caught up by the time the new and final season started. We barely made it. Our brains had become Lostified. Then we started watching the current season online Wednesday nights after the kiddies went to bed. Watching it while Bosco was awake would only have caused nightmares, and a lot of questions. I just wasn’t ready to explain to him the concept of time travel and island replacement.

Looking back at the beginning of the year I could say it was a monumental waste of time, but I won’t. It has been rather enjoyable. And the Husband and I found a common interest other than our children. Yeah, we don’t get out much. So as the series LOST comes to an end next Sunday, I can’t help but feel a little sad, confused, and lost. Not because I have no idea what is going on in the show, but because now I have no idea what the Husband and I will do to fill that void on Wednesday nights. I guess that’s a little dramatic. We could always talk or play Scrabble or learn how to square dance. Maybe even deep clean the bathrooms together with old toothbrushes. If I'm being honest I guess I'll miss seeing Jack too.

Well all things must come to an end I suppose. Thanks for the last-minute frantic gift Husband. It turned out to be endearing.

As for my theories on the show, I have pretty much everything figured out. I know exactly what’s going to happen. I also know that the darkness that makes up the Smoke Monster consists of the following things: nightmares, waxy chocolate, soggy cereal, warm soda, Carrot Top jokes, humidity, stretch marks, bleach stains, insomnia, and thoughts of Freddy Krueger. I’m sure this will all be revealed in the finale. Sorry. I guess I should have posted a SPOILER ALERT.


Kath said...

My older daughter is a devoted Lost groupie and sucked her sisters into the vortex and now they all stare at their laptops, watching the Hulu library of Lost episodes. The fact that I hate to fly keeps me from even peeking at the screen.

Clare said...

Clint & I did a similar thing. I think we watched the first 3? seasons on DVD before we caught up to what was currently on TV. Clint got seasons 1-4, and we got my sister hooked on them. I figure she's lucky that she won't have to wait at all to see what happens next since she's currently in the first half of this season.

The redhead said...

I actually think this show made me a nervous flyer. Probably best you don't watch it Kath :)

And watching them all on DVD made me spoiled. I got answers right away and didn't have to watch commercials. This final season is taking forever though. It's torture!

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