It's all in the bag baby

I guess I should apologize for the novella I posted yesterday. But I’m a firm believer in telling the whole story in detail. And this story deserved the utmost attention, and word count. I’ll try and keep it shorter today lest you take me for a rambler.

Let’s just get right to it. I love Sun Chips just as much as the next gal. What is there not to love? It’s got multigrain, 30% less fat than other chips, reasonably healthy snack (probably not as healthy as they would have you believe though), a fun name that puts a spring in my step, and a 100% compostable bag. Sure, sure. Love it all. I like the whole green thing. I’m an Earthie at heart. I’ve been known to pick up litter while out on walks because it bothers me that much. Tooting my own horn! But if I were to walk by this new Sun Chips bag in a park I could rest easy knowing that eventually it will turn into dirt, and make a great home for worms.

But something they don’t advertise about this new bag of theirs is that it’s louder than a marching band. Loud enough to wake a sleeping baby, or perhaps even the dead. They obviously knew this would be a concern for the consumer so they printed a disclaimer/warning/buy it anyway please! on the bag saying: THIS BAG IS LOUDER BECAUSE IT IS COMPOSTABLE. Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it. As of right now here’s where I stand. It’s not a very logical product to have in the house when you have children who nap. People who get headaches. Or redheads who become easily agitated. A compromise is not out of the question though. Consume the entire bag of Sun Chips as quickly as possible, avoiding any prolonged noise aggravation. Problem solved until you pick up another bag.


Clare said...

Oh my gosh, I totally found the same problem. I was trying to crack open a bag one day during nap time, and I thought I would attract the attention of the entire neighborhood. I guess it will give me more reason to pour some into a bowl and then eat them like you're supposed to.

The redhead said...

Put them in a bowl? I actually never thought to do that. How civilized. However, you still need to open and close the bag.

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