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I'm feeling sort of blah today so a blog post seems to be in order, seeing as how I started this blog to help get me out of my blah moods. Is it possible to have your monthly visitor twice in one month . . . because it feels like I may be the lucky winner of that lottery jackpot.

Anyway, I can't think of a better way to start off the new week by telling you about my first blog award. Tennessee Mom from Days on the Creek graciously bestowed upon me the Trendy Blog Award. "What?! The redhead is trendy?" you may be asking yourself. Well I've always thought so and apparently at least one other person on this planet thinks so too. That makes it legit. So thank you Tennessee Mom! You should probably go check out her blog if you'd like a fun read. I personally get all sentimental for my own childhood when I read her posts. I grew up in a pencil dot of a town in Southern Ohio, and I've got the residual accent to prove it. And would you believe that I'm actually excited to be going back for a visit this summer. Yeah that's right. I'm excited to go to Ohio. That's Ohio, not Iowa. I know it can be confusing for the folks who've never set foot east of the Mississippi. (I just had to google it myself and see where that river actually was). How about east of the Rocky Mountains instead?

Well I know it's customary to pass a blog award on to other bloggers, but most of the blogs I religiously follow would snicker at an award from little ol' me because they are all powerful and mighty and probably have blog awards coming out their ears (or rears). Oh well. I'll still bestow upon them this Trendy Blog Award and they can bask in the glory for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks . . . whatever suits them.

In keeping with the whole trendy vibe I'll pick three blogs I read that fit that bill, not because I think they will fade into the sunset along with the trend of leggings and tie-dye, but because they've got style and sauce and spunk. I read them because they are funny, honest, and could probably write a good post while sitting on the commode. They are that good. Check, check, check 'em out.

Here's your award ladies.

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