What's wrong with this picture?

Okay you have five seconds to look at this picture of my bookcase and tell me what’s wrong with it, and by that I mean what seems out of place to a normal person. No, my collection of the Twilight Saga is not the right answer. There is nothing wrong with that. Now look!

In case you missed it, focus your attention right here.
Yeah, that’s my nursing bra, and no this picture was not staged. Let me tell you a little story. Sometimes I use my office as a dressing room because I usually go to bed much later than the Husband. And rather than wake him up by fumbling around in our bedroom, sometimes I switch into my more comfortable nighttime nursing bra when I’m in my office late at night. Yeah haven’t you heard? One should always wear a bra, even at night, especially when one is lactating. I’ve got to keep my planetoids (this term was coined during my college years among roommates; it’s much better than saying bosoms) supported so as to prevent drooping as much as possible. At least this is the motto I go by. I hear that Halle Berry also agrees with me so I think I’m in pretty good company.

Anyway, one night I did the previously described switch, but forgot the next day that I left one of my daytime shackles in the office. It wasn’t until I found Bosco running around with it on top of his head that I remembered. I had been busy cleaning up the house all day since we were expecting visitors. In a hurry, I placed it on the bookshelf. I thought this a better place than on my son’s head since I didn’t have time to walk all the way to my room and put it away. I went back to scrubbing those toilets squeaky clean, and obviously forgot I hadn’t yet cleaned up everything. Only minutes before our visitors were to arrive I happened to walk past the office. This picture is what I saw out of the corner of my eye. Yes, of course I stopped to take a snapshot before removing said article of underwear. I can only imagine what our dear guests would have thought had they seen my brassiere perched up there with my collection of Stephenie Meyer. What would you have thought? Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question. Here’s a better one. Should I have just left it out?

I asked the husband what was wrong with this picture and he said, “The picture frame and candles that are taking up precious book space.” Maybe he's right.


Carina said...

I always have to do an underwear and diaper sweep before visitors come over.

And my determination to wear a bra night and day was strengthened last weekend when I went to the zoo and saw an older woman with the strangest stomach..OH NO! It was her bosoms! They were BELOW HER WAISTLINE.

The redhead said...

Oh, I shudder to think. I've just been remotivated to NEVER de-shackle. And can I just say that I also do not get that show Two and a Half pervy men plus a little dude, or whatever it's called. I could barely get through two minutes of it when I stumbled upon it one time.

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