Bad mommy

This is what I see when I look outside my kitchen window. It’s much lovelier than the view I had a couple weeks ago of dead gray earth. Spring is my favorite time of the year with the sunshine, warmer weather, and occasional thunderstorm. However, this year I seem to have developed some allergies to the wonderful nature that is awakening outside. Is it possible to suddenly be allergic to something? That’s a silly question because of course it is. I’m living proof. I’m sneezy, phlegmy, and agitated. It appears that even my skin is sensitive to the season because I’m itchy and I’m having a cold sore outbreak. Plain and simple, cold sores make me grumpy. They are my top nemesis, second only to soggy cereal. So I’ve been trying to stage a full on war, with help from my trusty Abreva, which usually calms the attacks. But I’m also seriously lacking in the sleep department which I’m sure is not helping my cause. This tiredness is partly due to my own stupidity, but also because Bubba’s been waking up a lot during the night with a stuffy nose. Poor little chap sounds like a tiny Lauren Bacall. If he knew how to speak, I’m sure he’d be able to say, “You know how to whistle don’t you?” spot on.

Well, my sleep deprivation became totally apparent today as I did a “bad mommy” thing. When it’s time to feed Bubba and put him down for his mid-morning nap, I usually leave Bosco in his own room while he plays who knows what. Generally he likes to have some alone time too and doesn’t argue with this arrangement. Then I escape to Bubba’s nursery for a more peaceful environment. It generally takes all of ten to fifteen minutes to feed Bubba and put him to sleep. But today I let my mind wonder a little too much while I rocked in the chair until I found myself in dream land. I woke up frantically, disoriented. Bubba was sleeping soundly in my arms so I hurried and placed him in the crib. I had only been passed out for ten minutes but it felt like forever. Upon entering Bosco’s room, I found him snuggled up in his bed, sucking his thumb (arrrggh), listening to the radio, pretending to be asleep. I felt guilty, but also very grateful that this guy is so patient with his wacko mommy.

So although I love that I’m seeing green and a ton of other vibrant colors outside, I’m a little bit miserable with my snotty, sore lipped, guilt-ridden self. I’ll be using this weekend to recharge, rinse, and repeat.

On a happier note, I still have plenty of my Cadbury Mini Eggs stash left.

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