Shameful or shameless

I had to laugh out loud, or LOL as kids are calling it these days, when I saw ads for keyless car entry on my sidebar. It’s like someone is trying to tell me to stop calling them car alarm button thingies. Someone’s also trying to tell me I should get one of those thingies to avoid having another incident like the one before. Yeah I really should do that.

In another totally unrelated topic, I need your help dear readers. I made a deal with myself (no the Husband does not know about this yet), and I really want to reap my reward. I said to myself, “Redhead, if you can git twenty-five followers on that there blog of yours, you can go git yo’self somethin' purdy to wear.” Yes, I speak to myself in a thick Southern accent that’s similar to some of my kinfolk. But basically I'm like a little child, and I have to reward myself  in exchange to stay motivated. The reward system is fabulous, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. But back to you reader, I beseech thee, if you like me or if you like my blog, or maybe even both, go on and click that follow button and become a follower. Thanks to those of you who already have. I don’t even know some of you. How fabulous is that?! Sure makes a gal feel special. Currently I'm at twelve which is a nice respectable number . . . but it's not the magic number. I would rather not have to cheat on my deal, and I’ve got my eyes on a fabulous dress that only you can help me get. In return, I will save you one of these.
And let me tell you how special that is. I usually threaten cutting off fingers to anyone who touches my box of these babies. So, yeah, that’s pretty special. Have a great weekend!

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