Letter To: My Bed

Dearest Bed,

I miss you. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to fully enjoy your alternative downy goodness. Nights right now are usually interrupted and filled with tossing and turning. I’ve longed to snuggle up and enjoy a nice cozy nap during the day but feared I wouldn’t ever wake up. So I avoided you all together to resist the temptation. My sincerest apologies on being negligent. Instead of fluffing you and arranging the pillows just so, like I usually do, I’ve left your sheets and blankets askew while the pillows are scattered on the floor being stepped on. This does indeed make me feel guilty and unkempt. Just know that you are quite possibly my most favorite place in the house. You are a much needed oasis, in a home full of boys and their toys. Remember when I convinced the Husband that we wouldn’t be real grown-ups until I finally had you, beautiful bed. Then right after we bought you and the Husband was assembling you, he accidentally dropped your headboard and left two eternal dents. I almost cried. He almost cried for other reasons, probably to do with money or some such nonsense.  We both know he under values your worth, seeing as how he could sleep on a steel beam if need be. But never mind that. You’re perfect in my eyes. You are my bed, even though Bosco and Bubba can sometimes be found trying to steal a snuggle in the morning hours.

Until we meet again under different circumstances.

Note: Periodically I plan on writing letters to things, or places, or people. Want me to write a letter to a particular someone, someplace, or something? Just let me know. Let’s be crazy together. There's tons of fun to be had in talking to inanimate objects.

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