Cleavage . . .

. . . Bubba cleavage that is. It warms my heart to know that I’m giving away some of my own fat to you dear boy, so as to make this full bosomed picture of you possible. Bosco and I were just reminiscing about the time not too long ago when you were still “in my belly.” I asked big brother if he remembered what it was like when mommy dearest was still preggers? He had to pause and think for a minute, like it was a distant unpleasant memory. I wondered if he could recall the days when mommy was laid up on the couch all tired and sickish because you were habitating inside my body. So I asked brother Bosco, “What did you do all day long when Bubba was still in my tummy?” Without hesitation he replied, “I did nothing. I just sat down and looked at you all day mommy.” Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Worth it? Definitely.

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