My mind is in the early stages of hibernation, also known as super silly.

There's no way I could write a coherent post right now. I'm almost forty weeks preggo. Enough said right? But then again when has a crazed mind kept me from writing. Never.

Of course I can't blame all my current weirdness on growing a human being inside of me. Some of it I am convinced has to do with the political atmosphere that is swirling amongst us. The other day I had to ask Bosco's kindergarten teacher a question and when she gave me the information I needed I gave her a thumbs up, all Clinton-style, instead of just saying thank you. I may have even bit my lower lip. Man I sure berated myself on the drive home and pledged to keep my thumbs in my pockets to stifle this surprisingly forceful urge. It's been pretty challenging. I can't say I haven't faltered again.

Also the Halloween season cannot go unblamed for my state of mind. Costumes, pumpkin carving, trying to find the will power to stay out of the Halloween candy (the Twix did not make it unscathed). It's taking up a lot of my meager mental reserve. And I always find myself trying to find a way to put my widow's peak to good use, since right now is about the only time it could been seen as an asset. No need to even buy a costume. But usually I just end up thinking about what life would be like without this thing.
Would I be better at everything? I'm convinced it is so. My widow's peak is the only thing keeping me from being a morning person and I don't really have the stamina to explain how this is so but it is so. I thought it all out one day, in depth. And of course my inability to be a morning person is more or less the root of why I am unable to reach personal perfection as a wife and mother. If morning time came around noon my kids would get pancakes every day! And I probably wouldn't see red every time I heard the Husband chomping on chips. MY chips! That's all I'm saying.
So wish me luck with all of THAT.

P.S. Please excuse me if I disappear for a bit longer than usual. I sense a very heavy two month postpartum fog lingering ahead of me. A fog which consists of nothing yet everything. Some may even call it hibernation. I'm almost there right now as I'm sure you've already gathered.
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