It's aight

My last post may have been a tad dramatic. But really everythang is just fine. Except maybe I'm purposely misspelling things to sound cool.

And if we hadn't moved I probably never would have found my long forgotten hiding space for the last box of Samoas.

So yeah, I've been eating girl scout cookies in July. Who else can say that? Certainly no one with a good memory.

I may not be posting regularly for a little while though my dears. I've just got a lot of paints chips and primer on the mind, not to mention the wee babe I'm gestating makes me very emotional about which paint brushes to buy and how all the baseboards need a good deep cleaning even though it will kill my back. It's so important! Don't try to tell me it's not!

Well, I hope you all are having a lovely summer full of Olympic coverage, slushies, and flip flops. I sure as heck am.

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