A few bits and baubles regarding me

It’s that time of year again when I add sunless tanner to my post-showering routine. I do this mainly so I don’t look translucent. You’re welcome.

It’s also that time when my feet are so very happy not to be confined inside a sock. Oh my how they do detest those sockies. I’m just going to make a blanket statement here and say that if there is an event, party, etc. this summer that does not allow me to wear sandals or flip-flops I will probably not be in attendance. My apologies in advance. And no I will probably not go hike that mountain with you.

And of course it’s that time of year when I sit outside and watch my kiddies play for what seems like hours.
I spend this time thinking a few deep thoughts (too deep for this blog), but mostly inconsequential thoughts that are totally appropriate for this blog, like how Baked Lays are really just a classy version of Pringles. So yeah things like that. I come up with some of my best silliness whilst my offspring bath in dirt and bugs. It's win win for everyone.

P.S. It’s looking likely that we will finish an entire box of Otter Pops before it’s officially summer. This is thanks in large part to me.

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