Of hair and things

I'd really like to write a blog post for you, but I can't. My hair is just too long. Like past my shoulder blades long. Yes, this is long and semi-unbearable for a person who is a short-haired person at heart but is trying to pose as a long-haired person . . . mostly because her Husband requested her to do so and because ponytails are very easy and perfect for a lazy person such as myself.

What is not perfect is the amount of time I spend trying to make the lion's mane look presentable. 

Also, sometimes I will shed and get a stray hair stuck in my mouth and it takes an unreasonable amount of seconds while pulling the long strand out of my mouth to realize that the hair is actually still attached to my scalp. This is of course ridiculous I know. And simply not meant to be withstood.

The real me wins. Sorry Husband.

So how about a YouTube video instead to cheer everyone up. I like to watch this one whenever I am feeling particularly downtrodden, or hairy. 


The Atomic Mom said...

What is it with men and long hair on women?

I just cut off about 4 inches after not getting my hair cut for about 6 months. It was liberating.

The redhead said...

It is liberating. And to be fair I generally do not like my Husband with long hair so I guess we all have our hang ups.

Unknown said...

That's funny, my husband likes my hair short. I like it long, so I'm growing it out again, lol.


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