In remembrance of my memory

I had this great idea for a blog post, then I forgot it. Then I remembered it again while playing some word game on the iPad (you know to keep my mind sharp), but I figured there was no way I would forget it again so I continued playing, thinking I would jot down my idea later. By the time I was done with the game (some five minutes later) my mind was blank again. This is the story of my life lately. I have lots of ideas in my brain but remembering those ideas is somewhat of a miraculous feat. So now I have lots of little notepads around the house with words or ideas jotted down, most of them indecipherable within hours.

The other day I went downstairs and completed various tasks, none of which were the original intended reason for going downstairs because I had forgotten what that original intended reason was. So I yelled to the Husband, “Why did I come down here?!” And I can’t remember the answer he gave but it was the correct one.

Sometimes I’ll also have to ask the kids if I gave them their vitamins for the day because by lunchtime I am on auto-pilot and can’t necessarily recall what I have or haven’t done in regards to vitamins. I trust their memory more than my own and this is slightly scary unto me.

Yes it is scary that I rely on them sometimes for memory. It is also scary the things they can remember. For example, every time Bubba stands on the scale in the bathroom, he will exclaim in the most incredulous tone, “WHHAATT!!” And he does this because one time I think he witnessed me doing the same thing.

ONE TIME. Like when he was in utero.

But really all that memory must be cumbersome. Yes? I feel a little bad for their sharp exceptional brains. Because a forgetful brain can be quite useful at times I’ve found. I will always have the great excuse of “I forgot” and I won’t even have to lie about it. And also there have been instances when I was really grateful that I woke up not remembering what day it was. So, there's that.

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