Never you mind how I got these pictures

I would love to report on my birthday happenings BUT I am waiting for some pictures to arrive in my inbox first, ahem, . . . Sister. For now, just know that it involves Sundance yet again.

So instead for today I'll just do train of thought. Yay!

I realized the other day that there are far too many pictures of my eyeballs on this blog as of late. I do apologize. It was much too self indulgent . . . and creepy.

Speaking of creepy, our sea monkeys are apparently mating. And I have to watch it whenever I'm at the kitchen sink, which is multiple times a day, of course. Last I counted, there are three "couples" and its impossible for me to tell if they are monogamous because they all look the icky same.

One sea monkey just sort of hangs on for dear life while the other one performs underwater acrobatics whilst eating food.
It's all rather sickening as it reminds me of what it's probably like to be on submarine and I feel pukish observing it all. I have a right mind to throw the whole lot of them down the sink but Bosco would NEVER forgive me because he has the memory of a baboon. He still remembers me telling him that he has to get shots before he goes to kindergarten. I said this two years ago when I was still addressing his age in months since he said "tanks" instead of "thanks" Prison Mike style.

Anyway, maybe I'll just stop doing the dishes instead of worrying about all that nonsense, for reals.

In other news, have you ever awakened yourself in the middle of the night because you were absolutely certain there was a mouse crawling around under the sheets bumping into your foot, but when you came to your senses you realized it was just your other foot?
P.S. The Husband is watching far too much Discovery Channel, specifically Gold Rush and First Week In. My nerves are practically shot. Thank goodness I have Downton Abbey . . . and Swamp People.


Rainee said...

Hahah oh my! :)

Kristina P. said...

Wow. It's like National Geographic all up on your place.

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