Two things I guess I'm sort of taking a stand for if it won't rock the boat too much

I've got a lot of thoughts swimming around the gray (grey) matter, but the recent time change and all is making it impossible for me to form an even semi-coherent conversational post.

You see, my kiddos usually wake up around 8:30 AM and I do know I should count my blessings where that is concerned, but now they are waking up at 7 AMish because that is just how things work. Someone cannot suddenly tell you it is an hour earlier when your body knows full well that time travel is impossible and silly, and who would ever want to tell such a lie to your body anyway? These Daylight Savings monkeys, that's who. But I admit to those monkeys, my body personally likes to be fooled every so often and an extra hour of sleep seems innocent enough, but it's those kid's bodies that rebel against the time tyranny.

Well anyway, I know 7 AM is also nothing to shake a stick at, but for me it is pretty darn horrible. For me, mornings are akin to involuntary acid baths. I'm considering a time change boycott of sorts, but that might make me late to important things, like Breaking Dawn. (I shall laugh, and giggle uncomfortably throughout the whole thing, and enjoy it immensely but this requires me to be on time, unfortunately). So how about a boycott in two weeks?

But what I really would like to discuss is how I may be the last person on earth who embraces the nude pantyhose (pantyho, singular?), besides the older folk of course. For one such as I, this winter-friendly option goes great when covering up my beyond alabaster legs and chilly soul, all without being too flashy. And a tasteful nude color that almost matches your actual skin color really does go with anything. ANYTHING. So it seems like a no brainer to me.

Why, then, am I seeing all these bare legs at church which are surely frozen to the bone, and if there are tights or hose to be had they are every other color under the sun, fuschia included, except fake skin? Why? When did it become unclassy to make people wonder, "Are those pantyhose or are her legs just perfectly smooth and flawless?"

I think a good old fashioned nude pantyhose revivial is what we are in need of. Who's with me?


Clare said...

Don't worry, I still have my nude pantyhose. I'm all about tights though, now. I have a few different black textured kinds, but I think I need to branch out into some color.

Kristina P. said...

I barely wake up before 9 most mornings.

Elizabeth said...

Yes! My girls didn't get the memo to sleep in sunday either. Unfortunately, they also woke up earlier than usual too. 5:30 AM was torture!

The redhead said...

Clare- I've got tights too. they just aren't as versatile. They have to work with the dress AND the shoes.

Kristina-This is what I want for my life as well.

Elizabeth-A week out, and we're still suffering over here. But 5:30is just EVIL!

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