Have no fear; space exploration is still here.

If ever you find yourself in need of an astronaut and accompanying rocket ship, I know exactly where to find such a duo. I hear they are high maintenance, require constant attention, and are prone to bouts of tantruming insanity. BUT they take their job seriously. Very seriously. Totally worth their hefty fee of Milky Ways and lollipops.

Happy Halloween friends!

And at least this year the kids don't look quite as stoned out of their gourd as they did last year. Man alive, this picture still give me fits of the giggles.


The Pizza Family said...

Ok. I LOVE this years costumes... But last years seriously made mem tinkle just a tad... I can't stop thinking about Bubba's costume!

The redhead said...

I know. It really was a gem. Mostly because he actually was the perfect size to be a REAL garden gnome, complete with drunken walking and all.

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