I got chills. They're multiplyin'.

I'm currently sick as a dog. Whatever that means. I have yet to actually research the origins of that expression, but it sounds exactly like what I want to convey, that being I am really stupidly sickie and it's a good thing I don't have a singing career or I'd have to cancel the tour. And in my real life I have had to cancel any and all laundry loads for the time being. Sorry family. I know how they hate when I rock the boat and cite illness as the cause.

In other unnecessary but compelling news, I bought another dress online. I really am out-of-my-mind sick. I'm also depressed about my carnie feet yet again. Surprise! This happens to me every fall when I have to start living life without flip flops. Boo hoo me.

And some of you may be wondering what's currently playing on my iPod? Oh of course you are. Well, I've listened to this song over and over again this weekend. It was just that sort of weekend as I'm sure you all know. WARNING: Don't let it make you cry. Especially if you are stupidly dog sick.

Like it. Like it a lot. I also plan to start cutting my sons hair in such a fashion from now on.

I'll probably get back to my normal routine of sporadic posting soon. Until then, peace my friends.


Kristina P. said...

I was feeling horrible last night. Went to bed at 7:30. Hope you get feeling better!

The redhead said...

7:30 hasn't happened form me since . . . Never. Hope you feel better as well.

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