Silly is silly does.

Most times when I’m out and about I see something silly. That’s probably because I think a lot things are silly or maybe it’s because I tend to use the word silly for a plethora of meanings good and bad. Funny. Weird. Ridiculous. Bizarre. Endearing. What the? OH MYLANTA. Moronic. Insane. Scary. Justifiable. Awesome. Freaking awesome. I wish I had thought of that. Oh no he didn’t.

For example:

A man riding his bike, without shoes on. Also shirtless.

A woman trying to change her clothes, while driving.

This car signage placement:

A child who pulled down her pants and peed in the pool, while I was in the pool.

A lady buying innumerable Lean Cuisines, and they weren’t even on sale.

That one guy whose heels I clipped with my shopping cart shaped like a truck, who had the nerve to give me the stink eye. Was it not he who darted out in front of me? Does he not know you cannot do that do a lady pushing one of those truck shaped shopping carts, especially if there are kids inside?

This place:
{Shouldn't it say, "Ribs So Tender, You Don't Need No Teefff"?}

The price of avocadoes. Please.

The guy who offered my son a sucker mid-tantrum.

The other guy who offered my son smarties mid-tantrum.

A couple that had the same exact hair cut.

This bumper sticker:
{What's a Cullen?}

These were all classified as silly, and verbally declared as much.

Seen anything “silly” lately?

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Kristina P. said...

I drive like a Cullen? Sigh.

The Pizza Family said...

I have twice seen this couple around town.... A man and woman probably early thirties, the woman is carrying a creepy porcline doll like its a baby. Wish I could snap a picture because its something that has to be seen....

The Pizza Family said...

I mean to say early forties.... not that that makes a huge difference!

Angela Alpaugh said...

A fellow redhead and a new follower who loves your blog!

The redhead said...

Kristina- Yes. Sigh.

Pizzas-well that is not the couple I was referring to in this post. These guys were in their twenties and hipsters. But I have seen the ones of which you refer at the grocery store. Jeepers!

S.F Bride- Thank you! Us redheads must stick together. Make sure you go leave another comment on the giveaway post so you can get an extra entry for being a follower!

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