One lustrum and two years ago...

This Saturday the Husband and I celebrate our seventh (7th!) year of matrimony. That's a lot of years. Plenty of time to learn everything there is to know about the other person. Right? Well maybe.

That Husbo of mine surprises and befuddles me on a near weekly (sometimes daily) basis, completely unintentional on his part too. Why it was only last week he talked about getting a cell phone. And not just any cell phone, an iPhone. Now if you know the Husband like I do, you'll know that this revelation has the potential to change the axis of the universe. A universe wherein I had expected to flitter off into the sunset smart phone less. Surprise! Oh but surprise again he changed his mind the next week!

He still wants to own an orchard though, and a Crown Victoria. Some things never change.
And looking back at this picture circa 2003, the first known picture of us together, I'm pretty sure we each knew exactly what the other person was when we picked them up. So to speak. And we liked it.

Happy anniversary to us!

*Also, be sure to check back here Monday when something massively fun will be going on. Hint: It includes a giveaway. Hint: I've already said too much.

Have a great weekend my dear little poopsies!

P.S. Yes I had to google the word lustrum.

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