I can only handle slushies and 80s movies right now.

My brain is shot. More than usual. It’s amazing the repercussions one thunderstorm can apparently have on me. For future reference I now know that if a torrential downpour makes the power go out, and somehow destroys my computer’s modem, hence causing severe unrest in the internet department, hence causing major changes in who provides me with life giving internet (no small feat or sum), and if that same storm causes flooding in my son’s room, which therefore causes major upheaval in said room as well as emergency action to be taken outside which sadly involves uprooting some of the grass seeds I have diligently watered FOUR times a day (the ones that survived the torrential downpour), which have just started to sprout(!), all of which coincides with an bunch of other STUFF and my monthly friend and the fact that there are no potato chips in the house(!), well if that same storm were to strike again I now know that my brain will take a vacation all on its own accord, without even asking for permission. And everyone around me is just going to have to be extremely sensitive and understanding, and slightly able to read minds, particularly minds that are gone.

Bosco is doing the best at this so far. Today I told him, “Hey you. Take your hands off and wash your shoes.” He then proceeded to take off his shoes and wash his hands. Not even realizing my blunder, I was simply amazed that he was doing what I thought I asked  him to do. Then when my sister, who had witnessed the interaction, pointed out my brainlessness, not only was I amazed that Bosco listened to me, but likewise in awe that we obviously have a telepathic connection. Also glad he didn't try to take off his hands. Such a champ I tell ya. I’m very grateful he has been able to be “in tune” during this my time of need and stupidness.
I fear others in my family are not quite up for the challenge . . . yet. This becomes evident when Bubba is still requiring me to change his dirty diapers and the Husband is determined to bring up topics that involve numbers and eye contact.


Kristina P. said...

Yikes! We got that same thunderstorm. Good thing my DVR didn't go out. I would have been beside myself to miss Celebrity Rehab.

Rainee said...

Your post always makes me smile and chuckle. Glad it worked out okay! :)

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