Brains are afloat

We’re all in the sick house over here and as a result we’re all highly delusional, except for the Husband. He has yet to succumb to the virus that currently has one of our wastebaskets looking like this:
Actually this picture was from another post, but I swear I could take a picture right now and it would look exactly the same (except for maybe an empty box of chocolates thrown into the mix). So I won’t waste my time because I’m super exhausted and I already used up a large portion of my energy trying to get a pitiful looking picture of the kiddies to use because that’s what a good blogger would do, try to incorporate an illustrative picture. Turns out though that the picture looked TOO pitiful and it just made me really sad so I deleted it from my camera.

Anyway, back to that whole delusional thing. Case in point: The phone has been ringing all day and I think someone may have also knocked on my door but I wasn’t sure if it was all real because I was in a sleepy stupor, as were the kids, so I just ignored all noise. Turns out it was all real, except for the jumping over stars with Rainbow Brite. That was a dream.
Rainbow Brite

Another case in point: Last night I went into Bosco’s room to check on him and see if he needed to pee or anything, because apparently this virus makes only him loose control of his bowels, and his bladder, and then it’s like I’m dealing with a freshly un-potty trained two year old all over again. But I digress. So as I tried to gently stir him from his restless sleep, he started repeating over and over again while batting me away, “I don’t want to see the germs. I don’t want to see the germs.” This virus has game. Poor chap was having nightmares about germs. And apparently I became the manifestation of that scary germ. See! Delusional!

And the final case in point for today: Our little Bubba loves graham crackers. He could eat one in ten seconds flat. However, today when I gave him one he picked it up, looked at it questioningly, waved it slowly in front of his face and hummed a little tune, all the while his gaze never leaving the graham cracker. This little guy was on a trippy ride for sure. Then he took a bite and started laughing manically, until he sneezed and coughed at the same time. Clean up Aisle One.

Also I’m completely unaware as to what day it is. Sathurday? Wedfriday?

Also I’ve been making up weird songs like this one:

So whoop-de-do. Hickory dock. Don’t forget to spring forward your clocks. Cuz just exactly at 12:00, time to mess up your freakin schedule now. Sing it with me! So whoop-de-do . . .
timepiece prime time clock closeup watchphoto © 2008 Bart Hiddink | more info (via: Wylio)

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