Three things that are complete and total fact

After this past weekend, of these three things I am absolutely sure:
  • When I drop an ice cube on the floor I need to be more dedicated in finding it. I cannot wimp out after two minutes of searching because if I do I will come back in the kitchen an hour later and step on its melted wet cold remains. And then I will have unkind thoughts towards ice, which is wrong since ice is rather innocent in all of this, and pleasant in drinks.
  • Any mother (who is no spring chicken mind you) who takes her children outside to play in the snow whilst also enduring the freezing temperatures herself deserves much more than the eternal love of her children. She also deserves a plaque commemorating the achievement of perfect motherhood, a lifetime supply of back rubs, and immortality, just to name a few.
{Snow monsters. They do exist.}

{A worthy yet unsuccessful attempt at snow angeling.}

  • Bless his ever multi-talented? heart, but James Franco recites scripted lines as if doing so eloquently would make him vomit all over himself. It makes more sense if you think about it for roughly a half hour. And it will make even more sense if you watched the Oscars.
That is all.


Kristina P. said...

I think James might have been high. I'm not really even a big Anne Hathaway fan, but she did decent, considering she didn't really have a partner.

The redhead said...

Yes, high, or drunk, or paralyzinglu nervous because his category was next to last in the show . . . Or all of the above. Most of the time I just felt bad for Hathaway, and not just because you could see her boobs in half her dresses.

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