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This was my favorite (sorry if you get an ad banner on the bottom. Just click it then X out of it):

And the Husband liked this one:

I’m not sure what that says about us as individuals or as a couple but I’m sure it says a whole lot. Suggestions?

And the reason why I’m posting about Super Bowl ads almost a week late is because even though we turned on the game fully intending just to tune into the commercials like any worthy, devoted American, we just got so bored with waiting for the commercial breaks that we kept turning it to some Nova Monkey Special (I think that title is not spot on) that had the kiddies enthralled and reenacting the fight scenes. So we obviously missed most of the commercials. Nothing that a little YouTube and patience can’t fix though.

In other news, I need a heck of a lot of moral support right now. I got the itch again, the itch to cut my hair. These itches always end up in a very short hair-do, in part because I request a short style (go figure) and in part because the stylist gives me what I requested, then some. The appointment has been made for Saturday and . . . and I just want a trim. I just want a trim. I just want a trim. Maybe if I say it enough it will actually happen.

And maybe if you bombard me with emails, comments, and slaps that repeat this mantra, the chances of growing my hair out will actually increase. My curls sure would appreciate it. So would the Husband.


Clare said...

Sorry, but I support any and all hair choppings. Though, I don't have to deal with curls. I'm no help...

Bonnie said...

The Star Wars commercial was SO adorable.
I also liked the 1-800 Flowers commercial where the guy wrote on the card, "Dear Kim, Your rack is unreal," because his heart told him to.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Grammy T. said...

I love your blog Heather. :)
Please follow me at:


The redhead said...

Clare-You are right. That is not helping :)

Bonnie-Yeah that flower one was funny, mostly because Faith Hill has an innocent persona.

Grammy T.- Thank you! Nice to catch up with you in blogland.

Rachel said...

Save the hair!

I too have been trying to grow my hair long again - not that it's very short, in my opinion ...

You can always cut it short again later! So, just get a trim, grow it long and then cut it short!

(At then end of the day, it's your hair - do what YOU want!)

The redhead said...

Rachel, I would like to grow it out just for a change, but short hair is just so much easier for me... But I'm happy to report I just got a trim!

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