Friday Confessions: Sort of fo' real

Well my friends ‘tis Friday. I’ve actually been a day ahead mentally this whole week. Like on Tuesday I swore it was Wednesday, but the Husband informed me otherwise and then the next day I swore it was Thursday because the previous day I thought the Husband had told me it was Wednesday. Very confusing indeed for all parties involved. But I’m about 98.4% plus a bag of peanuts sure that today is Friday so you can take my word for it.

I don’t have any Friday Confessions to divulge except for the fact that this song has been stuck in my head for a long time, maybe going on weeks or months? I can’t be sure.

Also the Husband spoke to me in his sleep the other night. He does this regularly and he never remembers it the next day, even though in the moment he assures me he is awake and will most definitely remember the conversation. Dear man, he’s optimistic even in his sleep. But alas almost every time I relay this to him in the morning he laughs heartily because he remembers NONE OF IT. This time our late night chat went something like this.

The Husband: “Love you. And I think five seems like the right number.”

Me: “Five what? Five is the right number of what?” Silence. “Five sandwiches? Five monkeys? Five-hundred dollar shopping spree?” Still no answer. Thirty seconds pass.

The Husband: “Five. The number. It’s just a good number.”

Me: “You know you’re asleep right? I bet you a whole lot of money you are not going to remember any of this tomorrow.”

The Husband: “Yes I will. I’m not asleep thanks to you.”

Me: “Oh yeah. Then what did you just say?” Silence . . .

The end

Then I fell into a weird funky sleep and had dreams that left my heart feeling heavy and sagging deep in my chest. I hate that kind of sleep. I think it had something to do with that raspberry soda I had before bed. That stuff always affects me strangely. Then I have dreams about unpleasant things, like that one time in real life I was hiking in the summer and got really hot, like heat exhaustion or heat stroke hot and how I’ve never handled heat very well from that day forth.

Also dreams about wanting to sleep out in a forest by myself, and find nuts and berries for sustenance. Maybe a rabbit for good measure. See? Unpleasant.

I guess what it all boils down to is that my subconscious wants me to know that I may possibly be . . . a wolf, that the gene mutation is finally presenting itself. Not a werewolf or anything. Just your typical wolf that turns into a human when the weather is warm.

That would explain all the hair.

Note: I don’t think the book I read awhile ago influenced my thoughts at all.
Pretty positive this is for reals happening. The heat exhaustion was the trigger and the raspberry soda was the enabler. ??? Well, it made sense in my dream last night.


Kristina P. said...

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids. Just when I thought I got this song out of my head!

Unknown said...

The number 5, he's talking about children. He wants to have 5 children.

The redhead said...

Kristina- You welcome.

Cindy-I thought of that too :) When we first got married it was 10 as in ten, then a month ago it was 6. Maybe I've finally wittled him down to 5.

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