I hope there is a cure

As of late, like the last five days, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with my brain. I can’t seem to hold a coherent worthwhile thought. And just when I think I’m about to have a mental breakthrough and actually think my thought out from beginning to end, before that thought can even be satisfactorily concluded, another thought presents itself and I’ve forgotten the thoughts that I had just spent the last ten minutes thinking about. And I’ve gotten nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. You know?

My mind is one big muddled mess. And it took me ten minutes to adequately form that last sentence.

It’s a wonder I’m even able to type. It will be even more of a wonder if you all can get my drift. Hello?

I’m thinking this all might have something to do with my last post. I can’t be sure. That’s just conjecture, but all signs point to yes, reply hazy, and cannot predict now.

Perhaps I’m just using too much valuable brain power to contemplate unimportant things. Like apples. I’ve been thinking about how I like apples, but they are a very annoying fruit. First you need to wash it. And then you need to unhinge your jaw to eat it. That, or cut it up into more manageable pieces. That requires the use of a knife, and a cutting board, and concentration that I lack. And then that thought ends. I haven’t been able to reach a decision on whether or not apples are worth it.

Cheerios or Kix? Which one would I rather step on all day long? Kix kind of surprise you when they bust up under your foot. Do I like that kind of shock? Cheerios just hurt, but they hold up better under pressure. Is that a good thing? I got nowhere with that thought.

And shower curtains. Shower curtains have been on the mind. So many to choose from. Such lovely designs, yet nary a one that will match the bathroom rugs I bought on sale. And then I’m pretty sure I approached this design project arse backwards. But that doesn’t help me now. I need a shower curtain. See what I mean?

It’s also possible that I’m trying to do too much, in too little time. Big things, little things. I’ve got this pressing need to get them done now. NOW! And I don’t know why. I need to go to Europe NOW! I need to find cheap airline tickets, NOW. Except I need to work this around my menstrual cycle of course NOW! I can’t be schlepping feminine products around with me in Paris. Unchic. Parisians don’t have periods. They have monthly week long vacations. 

But then I also can’t do this trip while I’m PMSing the week before because then I’ll be all pissy and that will wreck my trip of a lifetime. And . . . then that’s where that thought ends. No solution in sight.

It’s all just so highly annoying. How is one supposed to think, when one’s brain will not cooperate. And surely it doesn’t help when Husband types interrupt possible thinking to say, “The hard drive needs to be reformatted,” for no particular reason besides, “It needs to be done.” To which I reply, “I’ll reformat your hard drive.” It’s all my brain can conjure up. I’ve got no idea what that even means, but I’m quite positive it involves pain. Anything that will stop further mental anguish being brought down upon me.

Here, maybe a picture will help say what I can’t think.

The end.

P.S. Did I tell you that my hair is on the fritz. New hair on the top is curly, while the old hair, the hair that existed while pregnancy hormones still ravaged my body, is straight. I’ve depicted it accurately in the above picture. It’s left me in a bit of a quandary needless to say.

P.P.S. Stick figure Me is almost always shirtless. Don’t be alarmed. And stick figure Husband is shirtless and pantless because the laundry needs to be done.


Kristina P. said...

Do they still make Kix? I only buy the cereal loaded with sugar. I try to make up for my childhood.

The redhead said...

Kristina-Kix exists! It's a staple in our house, you know, for the kids.

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