Wherein I prove to my son that I am awesome.

Today I built a fort out of blankets and chairs. It wasn’t for me, although I confess I did fall asleep inside the confines of that haven of sheets, just ever so briefly. But that’s not the point.

No, I built the fort for Bosco because he was driving me insane today in a way only a three year old can. And I can’t leave out little Bubba. Bless his heart he’s got the sniffles again. I feel for the poor chap. Really I do. But his mood swings were making me break out in cold sweats, and I couldn’t stuff chocolate in my face fast enough to cope.

Anyway, I tried to remember what my mother and aunts made all of us cousins do so they could bond, share some sisterly cackles (I'm serious they cackle when they get around each other), and talk about Donny Osmond. Well if it was summer they’d fill up the wading pool and wait for someone to get hurt. And if it was winter they told us to go in the play room, listen to Amy Grant or Mariah Carey, and build a castle (Out of fifteen plus cousins only three are boys so they had to suffer in silence. Silence!) Really it was just a glorified tent that filled up the whole room but it occupied us for hours. Smart ladies those women in my family are.

I knew I could not go wrong continuing the tradition, minus the music selection. And I was right. Would you like to know what Bosco told me after I had successfully thrown some blankets over a few chairs? Of course you would. Oh it’s just so deliciously sweet. In a very proud, grateful tone he said, “Mommy. You are a genius. I love this fort castle you built. I love you too.” Oh.my.word. If I had known this is all it would take for him to realize the brilliance of his mother I would have given birth to him in a tent fort years ago.

But if I’m being honest, the fort/tent was not one of my best. That's why I didn't take a picture of it. The eight year old me could have done a far more impressive job seeing as how she would have been able to bend over pain free and not be afraid she’d get stuck in that position.

Little Bosco doesn't know that though. And don't you dare tell him.

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