Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Turns out I did not go unscathed after I fraternized with Bleach the other night. I thought I had been very careful, but true to form, Bleach sucker punched me . . . this time in my favorite pair of pajama bottoms. Well you see, that is what I was wearing when I gingerly applied bleach to the mold in my bathtub. Didn’t matter how meticulous I was though. You can’t walk too close to the flames and not get burnt or get smoke inhalation.

I don’t think I need to tell you that I am a little distraught over this. I value well worn pajama pants just about as much as I value the sleep I get while wearing them. They had the perfect amount of wear in the knees and the butt, giving them maximum comfort and cozy-bility. They were also perfect for cartwheels, and the splits too I imagine if I were flexible enough.
I took the liberty and marked the crime scene

But now their lovely pale blue hue is spotted white, on the upper right thigh. Completely noticeable to onlookers and myself. And notice the spots I do, every time I look down at my thighs, which turns out is quite often. I’m so mad I could spit. And what can I do about the infernal bottle of Bleach just sitting there laughing at me? Nothing. I can do absolutely nothing because Bleach is useful. The mold may return. I have to be ready!

Sort of like how you can’t kick a crazy relative out of a family reunion because he/she is the only one willing to do the cooking. I’d rather endure the hardship than starve. That’s always been my motto. Turns out it’s applicable in many of life’s icky complications.

Don’t think for one second though that I will discard my beloved PJs just because they now have a little surface damage. No. I will wear them until holes appear in various places, making them immodest, just as I do with all of my clothes. It’s one of the many few male qualities I possess.

And this reminds me, I’ve been meaning to do a post about pajamas and comfort clothes. The Husband needs to be reminded of the subtle differences that exist between the two. It matters. Stay tuned for that one.


Kristina P. said...

This is why I just sleep nude.

The redhead said...

That would solve a lot of problems. Apparently so would cleaning in the nude.

Sara Louise said...

I played with bleach yesterday in the kitchen and of course I thought I was being oh so careful, until this morning when I saw the bleach spots on the throw rug. Oops!

Elizabeth said...

I hate bleach too. I have lost a few of my favorite pj bottoms to that evil.

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