They do exist.

I thought it pertinent to tell you that after the Husband read my post on facial hair and saw the self portraits I drew to demonstrate this follicle phenomenon, he eagerly critiqued me and said, “You’re not that hairy.”

“Not that hairy?” I rebutted. “I really hope that wasn’t you trying to give me a compliment because if that was your goal maybe you should have said something like…”

And then he cut me off and quickly interjected, “You’re not hairy.” And then if he had been wearing at top hat, he most surely would have tipped it in my general direction, bowed, clicked his heels together, mounted his trusty steed, then rode off while I stood there dumbfounded and made promises to myself to stay the course and not let this man woo me.
Well of course the Husband wasn’t wearing a top hat so none of that Darcy-esque material actually happened. But it was just a thought I had nevertheless, in that moment.

The moment where he actually was able to finish my sentence and fix his mistake, voluntarily. Up until now I thought that was something that only happened in romance novels or reality television.

This was revelatory my friends. He finished my sentence dear reader! Don’t you realize the magnitude, the significance of the event? It was my very own Jane Austen moment right there in my own living room, telling me that men have possibilities beyond what I heretofore assumed only to be fiction. My life is now complete.

Well done lad. We really have a connection, you and I. And next time I’m sure you’ll leave that that completely out of the mix. Because gentlemen never make the same mistake twice.


Kristina P. said...

Man, he makes Mr. Darcy look like Jon Gosselin!

The redhead said...

Jon Gosselin? Shoot. My man makes Mr. Darcy look like Mel Gibson.

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