Time to say goodbye . . .

For some reason my post titles revolve around songs this week. I guess that makes sense seeing as how I’m so musical and all. But didn’t you know? I’m Ariel come to life, minus the fish fin and the seashell bra.

Speaking of bras, that brings me to the real topic of my post today. My bosoms and my nursing bra. I’m saying goodbye to them all. The bra I wouldn’t mind if I never saw again, but those bosoms I had? They were nice while they lasted. Pity they’ve waned in necessity lately.

Bubba no longer requires or is interested in much mother’s milk so my bosoms will literally fall off the face of this planet now. Sad really. Bittersweet. Not just because I’ll miss the planetoids, but because I actually will miss nursing that little guy. My oh my how he can entrance me with his sweet baby smell and huge eyes. Nursing gave me a chance to have him all to myself every now and then. I’m selfish like that.

I know every mother says at some point that it’s sad to see her baby growing up. I’m gonna be honest. I said this very thing last night. Our last official nursing session. The Von Trapp family sang background music in my head for the occasion. Adieu, adieu to you (left one) and you (right one) and you (baby version Bubba). Then somewhere in the process I shed a tear and let it linger on my cheek. And then the little guy bit me with his new set of teeth.

I am now wholeheartedly ready for Bubba-piranha to grow up. Then instead of me yelping in pain while he giggles, we can have fun conversations . . . using actual words. And I can keep my shirt on, more or less.



Kristina P. said...

I think it's totally fine to continue breastfeeding until he's 13.

The redhead said...

Well it seems like a fair trade, but some 13 year olds have braces. I just don't think I could handle metal in that area.

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