Oh dearie me

My baby is officially 365 days old.

Has it really been that long Uterus? What say you Mammary Glands? A full year? Really? Well apparently 'tis true. The calendar says so.
Happy Birthday to our little Bubsy. You lighten our world, except of course when I have to carry you. But aside from that, you are one unbelievably scrumptious ball of light. Mmmm, and you smell good too. Perfect for nibbling throughout the day.

Note: No baby fingers or toes were nibbled off  during this post. Just slightly so.


Kristina P. said...

He is so cute! Love those little teeth.

Sherri said...

I could totally nibble some of those fingers and toes....what a cutie! How time flies...

Rainee said...

Lol, that's really cute!

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