A pithy title is illuding me right now

You’ll have to excuse me for the time being. I am cranium deep into this book, whilst also trying to read this book. And even though I am a world renowned horrible multi-tasker (what with the mommy brain and all), I have also taken on the task of making poof balls. No, that is not a typo.

And now that you know I did indeed mean to write poof balls, you’re probably asking yourself or the person sitting next to you what is a poof ball. Well, if I may be so bold (and I will) you should probably already know what this thing is I call a poof ball, but I will enlighten you because I care, about you. They are big balls of poof . . . and I’m handcrafting some myself. If this were a crafty blog I would now provide step by step instructions, but this is most definitely not a crafting blog. Heaven help you if it was. No, no. A wise person would go here for those sorts of things, and then come back to my blog when the poof balls (or pom poms) don’t turn out so poofy or pom-pom-y. I am not speaking from personal experience

So whilst I divide my brain cells betwixt all of the aforementioned activities, feel free to peruse a few pictures taken today, titled “The End of Summer Is upon Us, and Yes This Is as Tan as I Get.” (I got tired of trying to remember what to capitalize in sentences so just deal.)


Kristina P. said...

Good luck with your poofing.

Sherri said...

Yeah, that's about as tan as I get too. With self-tanner, to boot. Awesome pics....good luck with poofing or whatever it is.

Rainee said...

:) Poof balls are neat, to me. I'd like to make that someday, maybe include that a "Celebrate Little Ricky's" party coming up soon.

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