Make that a double please, with a side of victory.

This weekend was HOT. Even Bosco said it was hoofy. Now that, my friends, is hot. We escaped to the mountains in search of cooler temperatures. Turns out everyone, and their dogs, and their grandmas, and their longboards, and their lovers, and their coolers full of moonshine were thinking the same thing. We didn’t have a cooler or a longboard or a grandma. Just a bag of sandwiches, a thermos of cold water, our offspring, and strollers. Two strollers to be precise because the Husband thinks owning a double stroller is akin to owning property in hell.

So there we were, walking on a paved pleasant path, each of us pushing a stroller. And of course the thought crosses my clever little mind If we had one double stroller this would make the stroller I’m pushing right now null and void. Unnecessary. Then the Husband could be pushing both our children (together, at the same time!), and I could be walking with much more ease. Then all the energy I’m saving up could be spent on something else later . . . like yoga, Pilates, laundry, or maybe even tomfoolery. Dear reader, these are the thoughts I had as I pushed that stroller, right alongside the Husband who was pushing that other stroller. My thoughts, on this particular issue, I find to be brilliant.

This has actually been an ongoing “matter of discussion” ever since little Bubba came along and we became a two child (three if you count me, and four if you count the Husband) household. Even before I birthed sweet Bubsy, the Husband decreed, “No double stroller shall enter this house” all Pharaoh-like. So let it be written. So let it be done. And then I fed him grapes (that I had secretly licked and rolled in dust).

I didn’t think much of the law he had set forth because, let’s be honest, I thought I could wear him down. Well, it’s been almost a year and we obviously still have two separate strollers. A full on baby stroller for Bubba, and an umbrella stroller for Bosco. It all seems so absurd, especially if I ever want to go anywhere with the kiddos by myself that would involve the usage of a stroller. Hey! This could happen!

So I thought I’d take this dilemma to the people. I need your help/input. You can either say I’m crazy, and that two strollers are the wave of the future. Or you could say double strollers are the bomb, and the Husband needs to listen to his Wife. Then you can tell the Husband which double stroller is sure to make him change his mind (meaning not gigantic and not expensive). The outcome of this poll matters, sayeth Me.

I was thinking perhaps a BabyTrend Sit N Stand

Oh, and I will only think bad thoughts about you for like two seconds if you agree with the Husband. So feel free to be honest.


Kristina P. said...

Hmmmm, I can see how those SUV strollers would be much more convenient, so I say go with one.

Aubry Macbean said...

I wanted to get a stroller like the one above because I also didn't want to be pushing two strollers. However my husband also over ruled me, because two umbrella strollers will sill fit into a smaller space then one of those double strollers.

heathbar said...

What is his reasoning behind not getting one? I say yes, you have the other two strollers if u ever want to use them. This needs to happen before vacation. How much is it, ill buy it for you.

Unknown said...

So, from my experience, and your "husband" was part of this experience: Soon Bosco will only want to walk or run, so you will need running shoes to chase after him when he runs ahead, because children like to run or go where mothers don't go! No double stroller needed.

The redhead said...

Kristina-Thank you. Vote one goes to me. I want to try and steer clear of the SUV strollers though and aim for maybe mid-size. Hence the Sit N Stand. Not technically a double.

Aubry-You're killing me here. I hope the Husband does not see that your husband agrees with him. But still the problem remains. How do you push 2 strollers by yourself if need be.

heathbar-It's not really about the cost. He's never really been clear other than stating it's not necessary. It's about image I presume. Double stroller just wipes out all hope of coolness. And we'll have two strollers on the trip I'm guessing.

Cindy-I've thought about this. And generally Bosco does walk. But I'm thinking more for long walks or long days out and about when he gets tired. But your right. I need to invest in a good pair of running shoes, or get a kid-leash.

Keri said...

Yes to a double stroller, but no to a Sit N Stand. They are heavy and huge. To be fair, we got a Sit N Stand Deluxe, which has a removable second seat, so it is bigger and heavier. It didn't fit in the trunk of our red car and barely fits in the trunk of the car we have now. It rolls nicely and steers fairly well though. I use it all the time. I recommend borrowing whatever type of stroller you plan on buying so you can see if it works for you.

The redhead said...

Keri- Really? I would have thought a Sit N Stand was less cumbersome than a full on double stroller. I guess it just looks smaller in the pics. Well thank you for the tips. The Husband has yet to cave though.

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