What the crazy?

Holy crow! I’ve been blogging now for two months (it feels like an eternity), and I just had my 50th post. Well, I guess that isn’t entirely accurate. I’ve kept up a family blog for a few years now, but apparently my inner-self will not consider that valid since I usually try to stifle the crazy on that one. Stifling the crazy is a very, very bad thing to do to yourself. Trust. The crazy will come out, just at very inappropriate times and places. Like that time I put my hand down my shirt to get a strand of hair that had fallen underneath my bra, and was tickling the bibbidi-bobbidi-boo out of my bosoms. Oh I forgot to mention that I was at the grocery store, in the frozen food aisle . . . and I was not the only one perusing the dairy treats.

So this blog has become an e-therapist of sorts. I get to let it all hang out here on my own little chunk of the web, and throw caution and poopy diapers to the wind.

Blogging does have its ups and downs, as I'm sure many of you readers are well aware. I think about my next post entirely too much. I’ve started asking myself questions like, “What is my voice? Have I found it yet? Did I lose it? Where did it go? Am I networking enough? Should I do a giveaway? What if my dad reads this? Will he cut me out of his will based on my mental state? Does he even have a will? Does that clock really say 1:00AM? Do potato bugs mate?” Just the typical questions every blogger asks him/herself. I’ve also gotten involved in some shady gang activity called twitter. And I frequently miss Days of Our Lives because I’m at the computer instead. I'm a little confused as to why Hope is knocking guys out, and why Rafe is behind bars with some blast from the past. And I almost don’t even care . . . almost.

All I know is that blogging is fantastic fun. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know all my blogger peeps over the internet, and being able to write for an audience that may or may not think I’m fabulous. Oh and there’s also that little thing about feeling personally fulfilled, but who really blogs for that reason. Thppppp! Not me. That’s for sure.

In other news, yesterday was Father’s Day. Oy vey. I worked myself silly making the perfect meal for the Husband. I hand-shucked ears of corn; yes I said hand-shucked, Bob. I mascerated the heck out of some strawberries. I mashed real potatoes that did not come out of a box or can. No. These potatoes came in some weird plastic mesh bag. They were that real. And I slapped a couple steaks on the grill, and I do mean slapped. Gosh darn it, it was all so good. And now I have a belly that resembles one in the 2nd trimester of gestation.

Nothing that a little jaunt through the park won’t fix. And by fix I mean, digest, while I sit and snap pictures of the beauty that is my family and the month of June.
Happy Father’s Day indeed, old man.

Oh I forgot to mention that the heavens have smiled upon me. A Hawaiian shave ice stand is now open for business just a bullet run away from my abode, but I don’t like to run. So I think I may have suddenly developed a hankering for evening strolls. Husband, what say ye?

Yes this was totally a blog worthy piece of news. Any slushie enthusiast would agree.


Sherri said...

Wow, real potatoes? You rock!! Problem is, now the family knows what the real thing tastes like......uh, oh!

I agree that blogging is great fun, but it sure CAN take up large parts of your cranium that usually think about other things. Or interrupt your sleep. Or make you forget to pick a kid up. You know, the OTHER things in life that aren't blogging!

Fun post....thanks for the smiles this morning!

Clare said...

Don't worry Sarah, I never hesitate to chase down those hairs in my bra.

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