7 Truths and a Lie

What? You want me to tell you about my weekend? With pleasure dahling (to be said in a very classic actress sort of way, perhaps Audrey or Katharine Hepburn). I’m going to be a little coy though, and this time I’ll list seven things that actually happened and one thing that did not. You be the judge.

1. I reached my goal of having 25+ followers. I went ahead and gave myself permission to buy the “Smocked Dress” from Shade because I love the word smocked (thanks be to all the lovelies who clicked that follow button. Next goal 50+!).
2. I put a bottle of sunless tanning moisturizer in my shopping cart to purchase. Bosco opened that bottle (even after I expressly told him not to touch it) and had a good old time getting rid of his winter white skin while I was distracted by all the cute travel-sized products. I used an old piece of tissue I found in my purse to wipe the lotion off his face, arms, hands, pants, and shopping cart. He still has sparkle dust on his skin, and smells like a lady.

3. Thanks to some alien force that infiltrated Bosco’s digestive system, our house became the House of Poo, and I’m not talking about the Winnie.

4. I woke up around 5AM on Saturday morning and didn’t really go back to sleep because I have a bug-of-a-Bubba who is crazy like that. The rest of the weekend was spent in near delirium.

5. I didn’t eat In-N-Out. Not even once. I did have dreams about hamburgers sans pickles though.

6. I put on deodorant before I went clothes shopping. I did not put on deodorant any other time this weekend.

7. I faced a fear and killed a spider, killed him good, all by my lonesome. Then I disposed of the spider guts and legs without screaming more than twice.

8. The Husband and I decided that we should take a little trip to New York next month. While we are there we plan on seeing the sights that city correspondent Stefon recommends in the video below.

I can’t wait to see the Germfs and the human bathmats. New York is the best.


Clare said...

One day we'll make that post-mission pilgramage back to NY. One day...

The redhead said...

Yes, unfortunately I wasn't being very truthful in #8. One day...

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