One time he killed a spider with his bare hand

Now don’t you feel like you know me better after I shared a few of my “weird” moments with you? And it seems only fitting to move along to the rest of my family since I will most likely talk about them on occasion. Let’s start with the Husband. He does have a name other than this, but on my blog I will refer to him as the Husband because that is what he is, the husband. The one and only.
In an earlier post I mentioned that he was one of the crazies that I attracted during college, but his handsome façade and ability to keep up with my witty banter allowed me to overlook some of the totally wacky things I discovered about him. For example, on a date we had early on during our courtship, I started to feel like I was doing most of the talking so I asked him to tell me something about himself. Out of all the myriad of things he could have chosen to reveal he chose to tell me that he liked to sweat. I asked for clarification and he added that he liked to sweat a lot doing outdoor things such as biking, hiking, running, etc. I will admit, it wasn’t the most attractive thing he could have said, but later that week he smelled delicious in his cologne so I all but blocked out the whole sweat comment. This is basically how our relationship has continued to this day. He’ll do or say something so bizarre that I question his sanity, but then he’ll go and say or do something endearing. So somehow it balances everything out. And who am I to talk anyway. He’s got so many stories I’m sure he’d love to tell showcasing the oddball that is me.

Besides being the Husband, he is also the Daddy. Our two boys go coo coo for crazy puffs when he comes home from his work as a mechanical engineer every day. Maybe that’s because he basically lets the boys do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t involve putting dirty shoes in their mouths. That’s where he draws the line. Our oldest son, Bosco, wants to be like him in every possible way whether that be toting around tools, fixing things, refusing to take off his shoes, working on cars, drinking whole milk, or loving any and all things that have wheels.
I’m sure the Husband will be the topic of many posts to come, seeing as how I’m married to the guy, and this is my blog. And maybe if the planets align just the right way, and a pig really does learn how to fly, I can get him to make a guest post.
circa 2003


Rachel said...

Shocking! What's the story about killing the spider?

The redhead said...
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The redhead said...

I accidentally just deleted my own comment. Duh. Okay well I guess that title did leave you hanging huh. Well just picture me screaming because I saw a spider. Then I go get the Husband to kill it, but he doesn't have anything near by to kill it with. So he uses his hand. Manly man, or crazy man. You pick.

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