Keeping it Real

Now that I have my blog looking all fun and fancy, I feel mentally and physically prepared to start posting. But the first post is pretty important. I don’t know whether to start off by telling you, dear reader, about my day, or go into a long biography of my life. As I’m typing this, the Husband keeps running into the office dancing like a monkey who just drank ten energy drinks. This is how he tries to get my attention/annoy me. This is my life . . . and it’s actually pretty hilarious. I better make this quick while he’s taking out the trash (I literally mean the trash, as in garbage can). So for my first post I think I’ll start off with a brief disclaimer. It’s always better to be informed.

Disclaimer: I’m not one to sugar-coat things. In fact, it wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I could actually stomach sugar in its various forms (ice cream, hugs, chocolate, sunsets). Something about growing a human being inside of me I guess. Along with this, I sometimes speak before I think. Some might call it being politically correct, or good old common decency. I guess I lack these things, for better or worse, unless you’re a stranger, then for some reason your strangeness prompts me to display a more civilized version of myself. This has led many a person to think that I am sweet, calm, and collect. Be not fooled. Spend a little time with me, after you’ve pumped me full of slushies. It will be enlightening.

So in an attempt to keep it real, I fully intend to be myself on this blog, even amongst you strangers. That means a whole lot of honest observation and reflection which you may or may not agree with or approve of. Like just now, I ended that sentence with a preposition. I actually like to do that on a regular basis. I’m sorry if that makes you want to scream. That’s why I’m writing this disclaimer.

Something else you should also keep in mind:

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