Did you seriously name your child that?

Now how’s about I introduce you to my boys, Bosco and Bubba. I’m guessing some of you may be wondering if I really named my children Bosco and Bubba. After all, I do love the letter ‘B’. There’s something so bubbly about it. But to put your worried faces at ease, these are just nicknames. They have many, but Bosco and Bubba are my favorites so I’ve chosen to use them on this here blog. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to know their real names in blog land. It’s just that I say/sing/yell/coo their names all day long, 24/7. The Husband even says I’ve been talking in my sleep lately so I’m probably saying their names throughout the night as well. And adhering to the old adage, “that’s my name, don’t wear it out,” this blog will offer that much needed respite.

Bosco is the first fruit of my looms. He came into our home nearly three years ago. He’s clever, spunky, smart, and hilarious. The other day he was babbling on and on about something, but heaven help me I could not grasp his logic. Finally I said, “I don’t understand what you are saying.” He replied exasperated, “I don’t either!” That’s our little Bosco.

Bubba is our second ball of adorable baby boy. Try as I might, I can’t honestly say there is another baby cuter than he. Hush now, I’m not biased. When I look deep into those dazzling eyes of his, I truly sense something spectacular about him, even though he has yet to do much of anything beyond the usual infant milestones. He loves to pull your hair, punch you in the face, and steal your toys. Maybe if he’s lucky he will have a hint of his mother’s red hair to excuse such actions. As of right now it’s brown.

I stay at home all day with these little wonderful beings, hoping I can somehow (with help from their father) raise them up to be grown-up wonderful men. Here’s hoping.


Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

What cuties :)
Thanks for commenting on my guest post over at Or So She Says- I was nervous that no one would comment. I had to encourage my few "regular readers" to go over & comment in fear of being the least popular post ever at Or So She Says.
Anyway, I loved that you re-commented your disgust at having typed right instead of write :) So, I had to check your blog out & I'm so glad I did :)

Rachel said...

Your boys are sooooo cute!

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